Plastic Specialties of Naples, Florida

Save money, enjoy free natural daylight and reduce those expensive power bills. The sun’s rays provide a natural energy source and offer a great savings potential when utilized through skylights.

Plastic Specialties of Florida, Inc. is proud to represent “The Guardian Skylight”, by Faulkner.

The Guardian stands up to any weather and the glazing system’s rugged design may be used on any roof style, including flat warehouse, profile tile, and shingle roof applications.

Hurricane Tested and Approved.

  • Tough and durable, surviving missile impact of 55 mph.
  • Can be placed at 40 ft. elevations
  • Energy efficient
  • Recognized and recommended by leading insurance agencies
  • Complies with OSHA standards

Made from Lexan XL sheet

  • Extended life UV protection
  • CC-I Fire Rated
  • 30 times stronger than Acrylic
  • Long term weatherability
  • 5-year warranty on material
  • Available in bronze, white and clear.


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